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Halwa Puri

Halwa poori is a standout amongst other conventional dish of Pakistan food and Indian cooking. Halwa is uniquely made by suji and sugar syrup. In spite of the fact that, Poori is made by maida by massaging it with water. Halwa poori is the best customary mix for breakfast. This dish is likewise exceptionally well known in Marriages uncommonly in mehendi(henna). It's look more heavenly when we add orange tone in Halwa. Poories resemble tidbit to have in breakfast or the majority of individuals eat this in winter.Not the best decision to begin your day with some might say, yet it's halwa puri, and you're permitted to cheat sometimes. This is the most popular breakfast.

This dish is really started from northern side of ASIA. In this dish "puri or poori" is started from indian subcontinent that is produced using the massaging of entire wheat flour. its a mix of halwa and channa masala.This is now and then we eat with lassi.

Halwa poori is a mix of many little dishes. We eat poori with sooji ka halwa, channay, lassi, achar (pickles), and salaad(salad). these are the absolute best blend for the morning meal as HALWA POORI.

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